About Us


WE here at SGM...

love gravel roads, pick-up trucks & the friendliness that comes from a two-finger wave

know it's San Antone and how to pronounce Mexia

honor Willie Nelson, Robert Earl Keen Jr., and Charlie Robison and love that George Strait is and always will be The King

understand that 'Southern' is a way of life

love Friday night lights and college football

do our best to remember that grace isn't just a little prayer before supper, but rather a way to live your life

take spontaneous road trips, swoon over peelin' paint, and use lots of glitter, sparkle & bling

have friends we've known our entire lives

and most important of all

believe everything should be monogrammed...

because if it doesn't have your monogram on it, is it really even yours??


~thanks for checkin' us out~